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Dino 5

I was excited to chance upon this post tonight!

Producer Prince Paul teamed up with some of the high-class emcees in the game to put together this Hip-Hop album for kids, with the obligatory educational twist. And before I do too much talking again, I’ll just link you up to some of the relevant places.

Baby Loves Hip Hop:
The Dino 5:

While you’re at it, watch the video for the “Dino 5 Theme” below.

Although the album really is made for kids, it’s still very listenable, even to the trained ear.

The Dino 5 – Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents The Dino 5 (2008) @ 160 kbps

download \\ mirror

1. Dino 5 Theme
2. Story Pt. 1: Pick Out A Book
3. I May Be Big And Scary (But I’m Really Pretty Nice)
4. Story Pt. 2: At The Playground
5. Yeah Me Too
6. Story Pt. 3: Back To His Buddies
7. Tell Me More
8. Story Pt. 4: Play Date
9. That’s Funny
10. Story Pt. 5: Basement Jams
11. Jump
12. Story Pt. 6: Night Turns To Day
13. What About Ten
14. Story Pt. 7: Talent Show
15. Dino 5 Theme (Long Play)
16. Teo Start It Off
17. Sometimes I Like To Scream
18. Story Pt. 8: Burp Talking Dino Wins
19. Glad That We Came Now We Have To Go
20. Story Pt. 9: Good Night Momma

And to put you in the picture of who’s who on this joint…

(left to right) DJ Stegosaurus (Prince Paul), Teo Pterodactyl (Scratch from The Roots), Billy Brontosaurus (Wordsworth from eMC), Tracy Triceratops (Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets), and MC T-Rex (Chali 2na from Jurassic 5)

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Sleepy Bye Byes

Having trouble getting your tike to slumber? This could be the thing for you.

Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast: The official radio service of Ambience for the Masses.   Peaceful streaming audio featuring a random cycling of some of the most sleep-worthy tracks ever created.   Live on-line sedation is available 24 / 7 / 365 and all without a doctor’s prescription. Turn it on and soothe that little tacker to sleep.

Learn more here

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Cartoon Theme Mix Up


Inspector Gadget -The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Superfriends -The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Underdog – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Ducktales -The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
He-Man – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Intro – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Ren and Stimpy -The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Pinky and the Brain -The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Smurfs – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Thundercats – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Batman/Superman Adventures – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Captain Planet – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)
Pink Panther – The Milkman of One Funk Productions (Saturday Morning)

I stubled across this one today, a mix up of productions by French DJ The Milkman Of One Funk Productions. It’s a selection of classic 70’s & 80’s cartoon themes which will bring back a lot of memories for saturday morning TV devotees. This set comes courtesy of DJ Lazy, who took the cuts one step further and added his own production values to the mix. he runs a great MP3 site called Blogger’s Delite.

Download the mix here.

February 15, 2008 at 4:45 am 1 comment

J-Marimba Ponies

Insane! Check out this music group comprising of 10 young percussionists ranging from 4 to 12 years in age. The primary objective of the group is to foster goodwill and friendship through the universal language of music. No conductors or music sheets are used by the Marimba Ponies. The music is memorized completely and flows out of their own individual rhythms and emotions.

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Low – Family Tree

Here’s an animated clip fom my son’s favourite tv show Yo Gabba Gabba. The song is “Family Tree” and is performed by the usually sombre masters of dark and light, Low, the three piece from Duluth, Minnesota. I saw this band recently in Sydney and Ange dared me to call out for this tune as an encore. Suffice to say, it probably wouldn’t have fit into the set that night at all. Enjoy the clip.


Here’s a photo of Alan & Mimi of Low I snapped that night.

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Musical Toys and Cut-Up Records from Twink

Mike Langile aka Twink is a musician/magician from Boston MA who bends childrens music through many twists and turns via his large collection of toy instruments and cut up recordings of hundreds of children’s LP’s. Ranging from cartoonesque silliness to classical leanings and wacked out electronica, Twink collaborates with other artists such as Ergo Phizmiz, Adja the Turkish Queen and countless others making a myriad or merry music along the way. His website has many MP3’s to enjoy (enough to fill a cd) and has a great gallery of the many toy instruments in his collection.

I can especially recommend this cd from Twink – it’s a total trip, but my boy seemed to love it when we played it to him. All Twink cd’s are available via his website.

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Janglebug Podcast #1 – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Here is the first of our podcasts for kids and babies (and parents of course). We love music – it is a huge part of our lives and our baby boy has responded to it in a big way as well. Upon searching the web and my own cd collection, I have realized there is a vast array of great kids music being made that doesn’t turn your stomach when you are forced to hear it over and over again. These podcasts will hopefully expose some of those tunes to you and relieve you of the run of the mill fare that is usually found in the major music stores.

The first in the series features Franz Ferdinand, The Free Design, Robert Crumb (!), Johnathan Richman and many more – enjoy it with your kids today.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Download: Janglebug Podcast #1

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