Strange food uses for the everyday!

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“Mayo is good for getting water stain marks off of your kitchen table and other wood furniture. Just put mayo on the water stains and wipe it with a rag.”

“If you have a CD with a scratch on it, just rub themayo on the scratch. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then wipe off going from the center of the CD to the outside rim.”


“Spray Pam on a soft cloth and wipe on inside of shower doors to clean them.”

“Have ants in the kitchen? Non-stick spray such as Pam kills them instantly without having to use chemicals around food prep areas. Of course you have to wipe up the ants and oil, but it’s not terribly messy.”

“I have used cooking oil spray to grease a hinge on my bathroom door. Just make sure not to overdo it, or it will drip.”


“Have a broken light bulb still in the light? Unplug the light from the wall (very important), and cut a potato in half. Press it on to the broken bulb and twist off.”

“So you’ve been out at the beach, and you arefried lobster red. Don’t panic — just take a potato and grate it (leaving peel and everything on it) and put it where you are burnt. Wait 30 minutes and remove the potato. Take a cool shower. Not only is the heat gone, but the next day so will be the pain and most of the red — if not all.”

“If your child has a fever, take a potato and cut it in half. Take each half and put it on the bottom of their feet, keeping the in place by putting socks on over the potatoes. Keep the potatoes on for a few hours. When you take them out your child’s fever will either be a lot lower or gone. There is something in the potatoes that helps draw the fever out.”

more amazing food uses here


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