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Dino 5

I was excited to chance upon this post tonight!

Producer Prince Paul teamed up with some of the high-class emcees in the game to put together this Hip-Hop album for kids, with the obligatory educational twist. And before I do too much talking again, I’ll just link you up to some of the relevant places.

Baby Loves Hip Hop:
The Dino 5:

While you’re at it, watch the video for the “Dino 5 Theme” below.

Although the album really is made for kids, it’s still very listenable, even to the trained ear.

The Dino 5 – Baby Loves Hip Hop Presents The Dino 5 (2008) @ 160 kbps

download \\ mirror

1. Dino 5 Theme
2. Story Pt. 1: Pick Out A Book
3. I May Be Big And Scary (But I’m Really Pretty Nice)
4. Story Pt. 2: At The Playground
5. Yeah Me Too
6. Story Pt. 3: Back To His Buddies
7. Tell Me More
8. Story Pt. 4: Play Date
9. That’s Funny
10. Story Pt. 5: Basement Jams
11. Jump
12. Story Pt. 6: Night Turns To Day
13. What About Ten
14. Story Pt. 7: Talent Show
15. Dino 5 Theme (Long Play)
16. Teo Start It Off
17. Sometimes I Like To Scream
18. Story Pt. 8: Burp Talking Dino Wins
19. Glad That We Came Now We Have To Go
20. Story Pt. 9: Good Night Momma

And to put you in the picture of who’s who on this joint…

(left to right) DJ Stegosaurus (Prince Paul), Teo Pterodactyl (Scratch from The Roots), Billy Brontosaurus (Wordsworth from eMC), Tracy Triceratops (Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets), and MC T-Rex (Chali 2na from Jurassic 5)

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Great Dad

Here’s a website for the blokes. There is a wealth of resource material for women readily available online, mainly due to the fact that they carry and birth the baby and are usually seen as the primary care giver. It’s nice to see somebody dedicating an entire webspace for the fathers out there. Staffed by guys and with several contributors being malle doctors, I’m sure there’s something for every man here who has a burning question or thirst for the knowledge that will enable them to become an even better parent.

Great Dad

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Let’s talk About Sex, Baby

I’m sure “the talk” is something most parents these days are comfortable with, right? Chances are by the age of 4 your precious child will have seen and heard enough sex, nudity and bad language to make a brickie blush. However, it’s up to you to ensure that things are approached in a mature and sensible matter to cut through the media’s lies and sensationalisms. In case you’re wondering what is appropriate to tell your child at different stages of their growth, here’s a handy guide from

Talking to Kids About Sex

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How to nap

Only got a few hours inbetween your child’s sleep/feeding times and need to catch up on some Z’s? Here’s how:

How to nap

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This kid…

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Apartment Therapy

Spacial ideas, designs, reconstructions and objects of desire – always plenty of these and much more over at Apartment Therapy.

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